Michael Ellis

Member of Parliament for Northampton North

I was born and brought up in Northampton and have lived and worked here my whole life.
Before being elected as your MP, I worked in our community within the criminal justice system, often representing local people who could not afford to pay for their own legal representation.
As your MP, I’ve worked hard to make things better in our area by:

  • Successfully campaigning against potholes – I recently secured £200 million of funding from the government to fix potholes, helping local drivers and businesses
  • Winning government support for my Medical Innovation Bill – which will help local hospitals and doctors in the fight against cancer
  • Organising Jobs Fairs – 2,000 people and 40 local companies attended my last jobs fair, helping get unemployment down in Northampton North
  • Fighting for the regeneration of Northampton town centre – to breathe life into the local economy

In this Parliament, I will continue to serve everyone in the community by working hard all year round.

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