Mims Davies

Member of Parliament for Eastleigh

If re-elected as your MP, I will stand up for residents, local business and the whole community.

I have a record of hard work, community action and reaching out to those who feel disconnected from Politics. As a Councillor, I successfully tackled anti social behaviour, street drinking and campaigned for better transport and safer roads.
I strongly believe in the benefits of sport and fitness aiding all in their well being and making sure our youngsters are fit and healthy. We must support our older generations and value all those in our community.
I will:
1) Get real action on the road systems, traffic flows, motorway noise, pedestrian safety and pollution concerns across the area.
2) Tackle the cost of parking in Eastleigh in order to help, support and champion a thriving town centre.
3) Make sure the local plan works for all residents, with appropriate infrastructure and fighting to retain green spaces and good quality of life.
I am truly committed to making Eastleigh even better and I will work tirelessly to support our fantastic and varied Community.

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