Jo Churchill

Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds

It is a tremendous privilege to have represented the beautiful constituency of Bury St Edmunds. Brought up in East Anglia and living rurally all my life, I know and understand the needs of rural communities as well as the importance, to residents, of their way of life. Preserving these, whilst ensuring economic growth and development is delivered for the benefit of residents, communities and businesses alike, is a core objective.

Throughout my life as an experienced businesswoman, I have always juggled work, with studying as a mature student and raising my four daughters. My personal experience as a two time cancer survivor and of the services and support available to patients, led me to campaign for improved cancer outcomes and to pursuing my lifelong interest in politics.

I now bring my broad base of experience and a record in business and the community, to my constituency and home of Bury St Edmunds. Working with our local leaders from education, businesses and community organisations, my aim is to deliver greater prosperity to Suffolk whilst driving forward those areas we excel in; technology, industry and innovation across our agriculture, health and energy sectors, in particular.

Furthermore, it is my intention to be a strong rural voice, striving for parity of esteem for the needs and priorities of rural areas.

Living and working in Suffolk, the unfailing ‘can-do’ spirit and commitment of residents to their community is one which never fails to inspire and motivate. Therefore, it is my intention to be a good local champion for the interests of all my constituents.

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