James Cartlidge

Member of Parliament for South Suffolk

James Cartlidge is extremely honoured to have been selected as South Suffolk’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate. He lives in the constituency, in Assington, near Sudbury, and is committed to being a strong campaigner and champion on local issues.

Local issues like slow broadband in the villages; congestion in towns like Clare and Sudbury; standards in local schools.

With 10 years’ experience running his own affordable housing business, James has created jobs and helped thousands of first time buyers on to the property ladder. James will use his energy, enthusiasm, local knowledge and real-world experience to fight for change in local communities.

Whatever the issue – from investing in schools, to improving road and rail infrastructure, to the future of the NHS –  James knows that nothing is possible without one thing: a strong and sound economy.

James is proud to support a Conservative led Government that has taken tough decisions to cut the deficit, whilst slashing unemployment and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.  

With that foundation and his campaigning energy, James is a genuine champion of the people of South Suffolk.

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