Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce

Member of Parliament for Congleton

Fiona Bruce is national winner of the Business Woman of the Year Award "Women into Business" for the founding and successful development of her Community Law Firm Fiona Bruce & Co LLP, based in Cheshire and now employing 15 lawyers and a total of some 30 staff.

Her first-hand experience of running and developing a local business for over 20 years - and of experiencing the challenges and benefits this can bring, both to an individual and to a community - have inspired her support for enterprise, skills training, and productivity.

Fiona has focused throughout her professional life on developing and strengthening community projects. She founded a Free Legal Advice Clinic and has overseen this continuously for 18 years. When she stood as Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington South in the 2005 General Election, Fiona was one of the first Parliamentary Candidates to lead social action projects. She inspired hundreds of young people, including young men from her local Young Offenders Institution, in community work such as clearing public spaces, painting park railings, relaying pathways and scrubbing graffiti - after which one young man said to her "I'll never spray graffiti again!" Fiona co-founded a Homeless Support project and most recently in 2009 co-founded an innovative High Street Advice centre, "The Foundry Shop", providing practical help and advice for those experiencing relationship difficulties, legal problems, debt and drug addiction.

Fiona's grass roots style of campaigning enabled her to develop a support network of over 300 local campaigners in the 2005 General Election - most of whom had never had any political involvement before.

As a Warrington Borough Councillor for 6 years - over 3 of them as an Executive Member for Finance and Value for Money - Fiona focused on challenging and reducing debt run up by a previous Labour administration and in delivering efficiency savings of several million pounds whilst overseeing the lowest Council tax rise for over 10 years.

Fiona has a long-term relationship with and commitment to developing a school in Tanzania and in inspiring young people to partner support projects in that region of Africa. She is married to Richard; they have two teenage sons.

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