Bob Blackman

Member of Parliament for Harrow East

I’ve lived locally for most of my life, so I understand the issues that matter to local people.
I was leader of the Conservatives on Brent Council, represented Brent and Harrow in the London Assembly, and was elected your MP in 2010 and 2015. I have the experience of delivering for our community – including:

  • Fighting to win compensation for Equitable Life policyholders – standing up for those in need
  • Campaigning against the takeover of Whitchurch playing fields and the over-development of the Anmer Lodge site
  • Standing up for residents near the Hive – pressing Barnet FC to abide by its agreements and ensuring related traffic, light and noise issues are properly managed
  • Founding new All Party Groups in Parliament for the Hindu and Jewish faiths – giving a voice at Westminster to all communities in Harrow East

I have a record of working hard for our community and will keep doing so for the next five years.

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