Victoria Atkins

Member of Parliament for Louth and Horncastle

Victoria built a successful career prosecuting criminals and was one of the leading fraud barristers in England before becoming the Member of Parliament for Louth and Horncastle. She will uses her professional skills to be a strong advocate for the people of Louth & Horncastle, and brings her real-life experience in law and order matters to the House of Commons.

Victoria grew up in a small market town in Lancashire, near the coast. Her background ensures that she cares for the countryside and the coast. She recognises the demands on rural communities and farmers, and the importance of protecting the rural way of life. She understands the seasonal pressures on rural and coastal communities, including access to GPs and transport links.

Victoria is married to Paul who runs a British food company and in their spare time they enjoy making the most of the great outdoors in Lincolnshire with their young son.

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