Party Structure and Organisation

Almost all of the Conservatives who work for the Party do so on a voluntary basis. They run their local Associations and donate tens of the thousands of hours of their time every year to help the Party. They campaign all year round, delivering leaflets and canvassing voters in their local area. Our volunteers are also the people who raise the money to run the Party across the country, through membership subscriptions and holding events in their local area.

Each local Association corresponds to a parliamentary constituency. While Associations vary in size, almost all follow the same structure. Officers of the Association are elected annually to positions that include President, Chairman, and two Deputy Chairmen – a Deputy Chairman Membership and a Deputy Chairman Political. Most also have officers with specific responsibilities and an Executive Council, which draws representatives from the Wards that make up constituencies.

Areas and Regions

For organisational purposes, the country is broken up into Regions, with each Region containing a number of Areas. Both Regions and Areas also have a similar structure to constituencies - namely Regional and Area Chairman, and Deputy Chairmen for Membership and Political.

The National Convention

The National Convention is effectively the parliament of the Voluntary Party. It is comprised of all Association Chairs, officers from Areas and Regions as well as 42 representatives from Conservative Future and the Conservative Women's Organisation. The Convention meets twice a year – its Annual General Meeting is usually held at Spring Forum, with another meeting usually held at Party Conference. Its purpose is to receive the Annual Report, elect the Convention’s new officers and to set the Voluntary Party’s direction.

The most senior volunteers within the Conservative Party are the Officers of the National Convention; led by the Chairman, they represent the views of the Voluntary Party to the leadership of the main Party. The Chairman of the Convention is also a Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. The President is the Chairman of the Party Conference and there are also three Vice Presidents. All of these five senior volunteers are elected at Spring Forum, and also sit on the main Board of the Party.

Members of the Board

The Board is the ultimate decision making body of the Conservative Party. It is responsible for all operational matters including; fundraising, membership and candidates. It is made up of representatives from each section of the Party - the voluntary, political and professional:

The Board of the Conservative Party

  • Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Leader of the Conservative Party
  • Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party
  • Rob Semple OBE, Chairman of the Board & Chairman of the National Conservative Convention
  • Amanda Sater, Deputy Chairman of the Party
  • Gerry Yates, President of the National Conservative Convention
  • Andrew Sharpe, Vice President of the National Conservative Convention                                                                      
  • Linda Arkley, Vice President of the National Conservative Convention                                                                        
  • Tom Spiller, Vice President of the National Conservative Convention                                                                          
  • Simon Day, Chief Executive Officer, CCHQ
  • Sir Mick Davis, Treasurer, Conservative Party
  • Cllr Rory Love, Chairman of the Conservative Councillors’ Association
  • Robert Forman MBE WS, Chairman, Scottish Conservative Party
  • Jonathan Evans, Chairman of the Welsh Conservative Party
  • Ashley Fox MEP, Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament                                                         
  • Rt Hon The Lord Hunt of Wirral, Chairman of the Association of Conservative Peers
  • Graham Brady MP, Chairman of the 1922 Committee
  • Charles Walker OBE MP,  MP on the Board of the Conservative Party
  • Chloe Smith MP, MP on the Board of the Conservative Party
  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, MP on the Board of the Conservative Party
  • Anthea McIntyre, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party
  • Stephen Phillips OBE, Secretary to the Board