The candidates

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

“Confident, serious, respected. The best choice for Britain.”

Your vote will decide the future of our party and our country.


We need genuine and honest leadership - not wishful thinking and empty rhetoric that would lead us to a General Election and risk Corbyn in No.10.


We need to negotiate a better Brexit deal. Jeremy Hunt has spent his life negotiating deals, in business and in government, and will use that experience to deliver for Britain.


We need to turbocharge our economy – and, as an entrepreneur, Jeremy Hunt has a plan to cut corporation tax and make the UK the most pro-business, pro-enterprise economy in Europe.


We need to walk tall on the world stage – and, having built relationships as Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt can be trusted to represent Britain, to make us confident, serious and respected once again.


Crucially, we need to make sure your voices are heard. So sign up to join Jeremy Hunt on a telephone townhall – and together can show Britain at its best:

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

"I will deliver Brexit, defeat Corbyn and unite our country"

The last three years of Brexit negotiations have left our country on the verge of humiliation.


This election is about who can deliver Brexit, put the Brexit Party back in their box, and stop Jeremy Corbyn. If we get this wrong, we risk the extinction of the Conservative Party.


This is why we must leave the EU on October 31st, come what may.


As Mayor of London, I brought together an outstanding team and we delivered on our promises. We defeated Labour twice in a city they said a Conservative could never win.


As Prime Minister, I will build a team that delivers Brexit, defeats Corbyn, unites our country and promotes the Conservative values that are the foundation for our success.


So please vote for me to deliver Brexit and move our country forward.


Thank you for everything you do for our Party.


To join my campaign, visit

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