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Kwasi Kwarteng

Member of Parliament for Spelthorne

Tel: 01784 453544 / Fax: 01784 466109 / Spelthorne Conservative Association, 55 Cherry Orchard, Staines Middlesex TW18 2SQ
Email: / Web:

Kwasi Kwarteng

Kwasi parents came to Britain in the 1960s from Ghana, but he was born in London and grew up there. Kwasi was very fortunate to win a scholarship to Eton College, at the age of 13. Kwasi has always enjoyed History, which he then proceeded to read at Trinity College, Cambridge.

He earned a Bachelor's degree and a PhD in British History and was also on the series-winning team on University Challenge in Jeremy Paxman's first year as the host.

Kwasi' Experience

Kwasi worked as a company analyst in the City for seven years, and as a journalist.

He was Conservative Candidate for Brent East at the General Election of 2005, Chairman of the Bow Group in 2006 and a candidate for the London Assembly in 2008.

He is currently writing a book, Ghosts of Empire, about the global legacy of the British Empire. This will be published by Harry Potter publishers, Bloomsbury, next year.

Campaigning in Spelthorne

On 22nd January Kwasi won an open primary in Kempton Park, at which just over 400 Spelthorne residents voted. He has, in this short time, been very active in establishing Spelthorne Conservative Future, and speaking at various community functions and attending events.