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Steven Baker

Member of Parliament for Wycombe

Tel: 01494 521777 / 150A West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3AE
Email: / Web:
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Steve Baker

Steve's career began in the Royal Air Force as an engineer officer. After reading Aerospace Systems Engineering at Southampton University, he served three tours of duty, working with Tornado and Jaguar fast jets. He is a Chartered Engineer through the Royal Aeronautical Society and he has held a military airworthiness licence.

Following an MSc in Computer Science at Oxford University (St Cross), Steve joined a specialist, entrepreneurial software firm as Head of Consulting and Product Manager. He has since worked in various capacities internationally with small and large corporations, with banks and financial regulators and with central and local government.

Steve values achievement over process and humanity over bureaucracy. He puts his trust in responsible families, individuals and businesses. He believes in liberty under the law, enterprise and nation and that, while no one should be condemned to poverty and hopelessness, everyone should be afforded the right and the dignity to make their own decisions and determine their own future.

Steve is married to Beth, who was until 2010 a senior officer in the Royal Air Force medical branch. They have no children but a small crowd of godchildren with whom they enjoy spending time. Steve is a skydiver, motorcyclist, keen driver and fast catamaran sailor. He has attended church near High Wycombe since 2007.

Steve's Experience

In 2009, Steve was instrumental in establishing The Cobden Centre, an educational charity for social progress through honest money, free markets, free trade and peace. He is also an Associate Consultant to The Centre for Social Justice. At Conservative Party Conference 2009, Steve chaired the CSJ/Smith Institute fringe debates on the bank bailouts, housing and insolvency.

Steve was selected as Parliamentary Spokesman for Wycombe on 31 October 2009 at his first appearance before a selection meeting.