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Setting the record straight on tuition fees

Wednesday, December 8 2010

Tuition Fees

Over the past few weeks, a lot of myths have been put around about our proposals to reform tuition fees. It is time to deal with a lot of the misconceptions about these changes head on.

These proposals are fair.  No one pays for their degree up front - parents don't pay and students don't start paying anything back until after they graduate.  On top of this, no one will pay a penny back until they are earning at least £21,000.  This means everyone will pay back less per month and that the bottom 20% of earners will pay back less in total than they currently do.

That's why today, ahead of tomorrow's crucial vote in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister has made a keynote speech on these vital reforms and we are launching - a new website to separate the truth from the myths on tuition fees.

This comes as Alan Johnson made a half-hearted conversion to support Ed Miliband's unfair and unworkable plans for a graduate tax.  Despite declaring such a system wouldn't work just last week, the Labour Shadow Chancellor has now backed his Leader's unfair and unworkable proposals.

In his speech today, Prime Minister David Cameron said about our proposals:

"They will put universities on a sound financial footing and make future expansion affordable. They will create a dynamic university sector that can compete with the very best in the world."

He added, "And because the rich will pay more and the poor will pay less, they will put fairness back at the heart of our university system."

Read the Prime Minister's speech in full.

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