The Government believes that a vibrant cultural, media and sporting sector is crucial for our well-being and quality of life.

Delivering a successful Olympics legacy

Action to date

•The Olympic Games were a huge success. They were delivered on time and under budget.

London 2012 lifted up our country and showed what we can do. We finished 3rd in the medals table, with winners from every part of our islands and from every background.

Together, we will make sure these aren't just the Games that made history but that help shape our future.

Planned actions

• We have set out a £1 billion, five-year youth and community sport strategy to build on the 2012 Olympic Games and encourage more young people into sport.

• We will maintain elite funding of sport by providing £125 million per year in funding to UK Sport until the Rio Olympics in 2016.

• We will work with the Scottish Government to deliver a successful Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, and ensure that the 2013 Rugby League and the 2015 Rugby Union World Cups help unite the country like the Olympics did.

Rolling out superfast broadband across the country

Action to date

• We are cutting the red tape and unnecessary broadband bureaucracy that is holding back our recovery.

• We are investing £530 million to achieve 100 per cent coverage of 2mbps broadband and 90 per cent coverage of superfast broadband in the UK by 2015.

Planned actions

• We will invest £150 million in creating 'super connected' cities.

• Because of this £680 million investment, the UK will have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015.

• This includes £530 million to encourage the roll out of high speed broadband in rural communities.

Creating a thriving arts, heritage and sport sector

Action to date

• We are investing around £2 billion in the Arts Council over spending review to make sure our arts sector continues to be among the best in the world.

• We have also asked the Arts Council to reduce its administration costs by 50 per cent, ensuring as much money as possible gets through to arts organisations.

• We have cut red tape to encourage the performance of more live music.

• We have maintained free entry to museums.

• We have restored the National Lottery to its proper purpose, investing in the arts, heritage and sport sectors.

Planned actions

• After 2012, all of the Lottery good causes income will revert to the non-Olympic causes, including the arts. Under our plans, over £200 million of National Lottery money will go to the arts each year.

Boosting our tourism industry

Action to date

• We have published our tourism strategy to generate over four and a half million extra overseas visitors over the next four years, bringing an extra £2 billion worth of visitor spend in the country and creating 50,000 new jobs.

Planned actions

• We are investing £8 million to expand the GREAT marketing campaign from 2013 - with a strong focus on China, aiming to triple the number of visitors from this key growth market. This has the potential to generate more than £500 million in extra visitor spend and create more than 14,000 new jobs.

Promoting a fair and transparent BBC

Action to date

• We have given the National Audit Office full access to the BBC's accounts to ensure transparency.

• We have frozen the BBC licence fee at £145.50 until April 2017, the full duration of its current Royal Charter.

Planned actions

• As part of the settlement, the BBC have planned to achieve a 16 per cent efficiency target over 5 years.

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