Delivering the best schools and skills for young people

The Conservatives are doing all we can to help the next generation get on in life and succeed in the global race. 

That's why we're improving education by:

  • Protecting the schools budget - because nothing is more important than our children's education
  • Raising standards and restoring discipline - so our children can compete with the world's best and enjoy a better future
  • Attracting the top graduates to teaching
  • Investing £18 billion in new schools - so buildings and facilities match our ambition for the next generation

We are also giving young people the chance to learn vital skills for work.

Since 2010, we've created 1.6 million new apprenticeships - enabling more young people to learn a trade, kick-start their careers and get on in life.

Same Old Labour

In government, Labour let standards in education slip and would do so again.

Unlike Labour, the Conservatives are standing up for young people to secure a better future for Britain.

What our long-term economic plan means for you

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