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Malcolm Harbour CBE

Chairman of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee

Tel: 01676 530682 / Fax: 01676 530658 / 285 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, Nr Coventry CV7 7EL
Email: / Web:

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Malcolm was first elected MEP for the West Midlands in 1999.  He is Chairman of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. 

Malcolm was formerly a partner in a motor industry consulting company, Harbour Wade Brown from 1989 to 1999, and was UK and Overseas Sales Director for Austin Rover.

Born in 1947, Malcolm has been married to Penny since 1969 and has two grown up daughters and two grandchildren.  He was educated at Bedford School, Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated in Engineering, and the University of Aston, where he gained a Diploma in Management

As Conservative Internal Market Spokesman, Malcolm is continuing his crusade for more open and deregulated Markets. Malcolm’s biggest achievement so far is the Services Directive, whereby over a 100 measures have opened up market opportunities and cut obstructive red tape, allowing companies and consumers across Europe to benefit from competition and choice within services. Such a role was rewarded with Malcolm being awarded the most ‘Business Friendly MP/MEP’ as chosen by the Forum of Private Business (FPB) in 2006, as well as nominated as one of the top 50 Europeans of 2006 in the annual “European Voice” Awards.
He welcomed proposals that led to lower prices for mobile phone calls whilst maintaining the view that over intrusive rules would be bad for industry. He has also been appointed to oversee further proposals to give consumers new rights to enhance information before they sign up to new contracts, and make it easier to transfer personal numbers when switching to a new provider.
With pre-packed products, Malcolm introduced an amendment to a Directive on normal quantities that protected the status of the British loaf!
And by becoming a grandparent, Malcolm has become involved in an initiative to improve toy safety, particularly with toys that have been imported. Malcolm went on a mission to China with the European Parliament’s Consumer Protection Committee, to quiz Chinese authorities about their monitoring of toy safety. Malcolm also visited Hornby about their design and safety procedures for Chinese made model trains.

As a member of the European Parliament’s delegation to Japan, Malcolm Harbour is using his previous experience as an Overseas Director for Rover to help European relations with Japanese parliamentarians.  He also takes a special interest in the role Japanese companies play in Europe and in helping EU companies achieve success in Japan.
Malcolm was a keynote speaker at the Global Science and Technology Forum in Japan, attended by 600 leading scientists, science and technology ministers and decision makers in science policy. At a meeting with Japan’s Technology Minister, Malcolm said that Europe must step up its efforts to transfer more knowledge from universities into new products and services.
Malcolm is co-chairman of the Forum for Automobile and Society ( This is an independent European think tank on the car’s role in society. It provides a valuable forum where the main automotive stakeholders and policy makers can meet.

Malcolm’s interests include travel, cooking, choral singing and motor racing.