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Paul Uppal

Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West

Tel: 01902 712134 / Fax: 01902 238931 / Gresham Chambers, 2nd Floor, 14 Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1DG

Email: / Web:

Paul Uppal

Paul Uppal is Sikh of East African descent who was born in Birmingham. His local connections to Wolverhampton are that he is a season ticket holder for Wolverhampton Wanderers and is also a Trustee for a large Sikh Temple in Wolverhampton. A father of three children he has been married for nearly sixteen years and plays football once a week and attends his local gym twice a week. His main concern relates around the issue of crime, which is hardly surprising considering his wife is lawyer and his father is a magistrate. He would like to see the police force supported by government and not bogged down with paper work. “Government needs to focus on sentencing being a real deterrent, on building prisons, rather than preoccupying itself with massaging crime statistics”. Paul runs his own business, and in his time as been his own builder, secretary, accountant, lawyer and cleaner. “Don’t ask anybody to do something for you, if you’re not prepared to do it yourself”. An England football fan, he followed England during the 2004 European Championships and the world cup last year.

Paul Uppal's Experience

Paul was the Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Yardley during the 2005. During the last general election campaign he was interviewed on News night, he was live on Central News T.V. and interviewed on Radio 4 for the World Tonight programme.