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Richard Harrington

Member of Parliament for Watford

Vice Chairman, Target Seat Campaigning

Tel: 01923 296 790 / 30 The Avenue, Watford, WD17 4AE
Email: / Web:
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Richard Harrington

Richard has been MP for the Watford constituency since May 2010.

Richard was born in Leeds in 1957, attending Leeds Grammar School and later Oxford University. After University Richard started his first job in the Trewins Department store in Watford and later went on to start his own successful property business.

With over 25 years of business experience, Richard believed that in 2008 he had the right experience and knowledge to stand for Parliament in Watford, a town he has had strong links with for most of his adult life.
He now lives in Watford and London with his wife Jesse and their two sons.


Since being elected Richard has been working hard both in Watford and Westminster.

In Parliament Richard has spoken on many issues including Housing, Youth Unemployment and Treasury Matters.

In Watford he is a keen supporter of many local charities and supporting the many small businesses in the constituency.

He holds fortnightly surgeries and monthly public meetings.


Richard first became involved in Conservative politics at University and has played an active part in every General Election since 1983 as well as many by- elections. Richard was also Party Treasurer between 2008 and 2010.

The 2010 election was the first time Richard stood as MP which saw the Conservative Party go from third place to first since 2005.

He has been involved with Conservative Friends of Israel for many years and was chairman of the Executive Board between 2006 and 2010.