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Bob Blackman

Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Tel: 0207 219 7082 / House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
Email: / Web:
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Bob Blackman

Bob Blackman has been employed by BT in various sales and management positions before becoming a sales tutor at the BT Training College. Bob has been Regulatory Compliance Manager for BT for the last 12 years. Prior to joining BT, Bob was employed in a variety of sales assignment for Unisys.

Bob is married to Nicola Blackman and lives in Wembley where he has resided for most of his life. Bob is a keen football fan almost from being able to walk. He passionately supports Tottenham Hotspur and has a season ticket for home and away games. Prior to going into local politics,

Bob was a keen cricketer but sadly finds it difficult to make time to play the game now.

Bob is an avid reader of thrillers, crime and mysteries. Bob is a keen follower of rock music with an extensive collection over the last 40 years.

Bob is a keen Bridge and chess player in his spare time and enjoys food of all varieties, especially curry.

Bob's Experience

Bob was the Greater London Assemblyman for Brent & Harrow between 2004 and 2008. Bob was elected in June 2004 where he ousted the Labour Leader on the GLA. Bob served as the Conservative Group Whip on the GLA and also on the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority.  Bob has been Councillor for the Preston Ward in Brent for the last 23 years and he has been Leader of Brent Conservatives since 1990. Bob served as Leader of Brent Council from 1991-6 where he led the dramatic reduction in local taxes and provided service improvements after rescuing Brent from the Looney left.

Bob has run for Parliament before. In 1992 he contested Brent South and produced a good result. In 1997, Bob contested Bedford & Kempston, producing the best result in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire for the Conservatives without actually winning! Most recently, Bob fought Brent North producing a 7.1% swing in favour of the Conservatives.

Bob was President of Liverpool University Students Union and Head Boy at Preston Manor High School, where he now serves as a School Governor.

Campaigning in Harrow East

Bob is avidly campaigning on key local issues. Bob has helped campaign against the closure of Post Offices locally which has been forced by the Labour Government. Bob is vigorously opposing the high-density multi-storey developments being foisted upon Harrow as a result of Labour Government diktat. 

Bob is well known for his campaign to ensure that Harrow residents do not shoulder an unfair burden on the funding of the London Olympics in 2012.

Bob has been campaigning in favour of more police on the streets as experienced police are transferred to Central London. Bob fought locally to ensure that the new Safer Neighbourhood police teams are brought up to strength quickly.

Bob has highlighted the need to improve the response time to fires from Harrow Fire Station. Bob is working with the Conservative Council in Harrow to achieve good value for money for local taxes. Bob was instrumental in ensuring that Station ticket offices were kept open after Mayor Livingstone had threatened to close them. As a result the Canons Park ticket office has been saved. Now Bob is pressing Mayor Boris Johnson to provide more car parking and a lift at Stanmore Station.

Harrow has a diverse population and Bob is well known by all communities and welcomes the opportunity of celebrating all local festivities. Bob is extremely well-known amongst the local Asian communities and is known as Bobubhai by local residents. Bob assisted the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden for many years. Bob is a regular visitor to the Wood Lane Temple and Kenton Road Temple. Bob has enjoyed celebrating Diwali and Navratri over many years with local people.

Bob has visited the Harrow Central Mosque regularly and has given support to the Mosque when threatened by fascist demonstrators. Bob has also visited the Wood Lane Islamic Centre.