Caroline Spelman

Member of Parliament for Meriden

Caroline joined Parliament in 1997 when she won the West Midlands seat of Meriden.

Born in 1958, Caroline was educated at Herts and Essex Grammar School before reading European Studies at Queen Mary College, University of London. She is fluent in French and German and worked for the sugar beet industry for fifteen years before entering politics.

In her constituency, Caroline has consistently campaigned to protect the greenbelt, introducing a private members’ bill to prevent garden grabbing in 2008, as well as compensation for property blight in 2013, and a bill to improve end-of-life care in 2009. She has helped to set up two charities in the Meriden constituency; one which helps rehabilitate people with drug addictions through training and employment opportunities, and another dedicated to victims of domestic abuse.

In 2010, Caroline was appointed to the Cabinet as Environment Secretary. She introduced the first White Papers on both the Natural Environment and Water for twenty years. Caroline successfully concluded UN agreements on Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development Goals in 2012. Caroline is now working on increasing job security in the West Midlands, and improving healthcare.

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