Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Member of Parliament for Kensington

Sir Malcolm was born in Edinburgh in 1946 and educated at George Watson's College and Edinburgh University. In 1969 he was called to the Bar, and practised as an Advocate until 1979. He served as a local councillor in Edinburgh between 1970 and 1974, and in 1974 he was elected MP for Edinburgh Pentlands, which he represented until 1997. In 1979 he was appointed a Minister in Margaret Thatcher’s first Government, serving first in the Scottish Office and then, at the time of the Falklands War, in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, where he became Minister of State in 1983. He became a member of the Cabinet in 1986 as Secretary of State for Scotland. In 1990 he served as Secretary of State for Transport and in 1992 Secretary of State for Defence. He was Foreign Secretary between 1995 and 1997. He was one of four ministers to serve throughout the whole of both the Thatcher and Major premierships. He was re-elected as a MP in May 2005 for the constituency of Kensington & Chelsea, and in 2010 for the new constituency of Kensington. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, which oversees the UK’s intelligence agencies. He and his wife, Edith, and have two grown-up children.

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