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News story

Peter Heaton-Jones selected as Conservative candidate for North Devon

Saturday, February 23 2013

Peter Heaton-Jones

Conservatives in North Devon have selected Peter Heaton-Jones as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the 2015 General Election.

Peter is a former broadcast journalist and producer with BBC Radio 5live.  He is also an experienced councillor, chair of his borough’s Economic Scrutiny Committee and seasoned  campaigner - having successfully run the campaign for two seats at the 2010 election.

After being selected by North Devon Conservatives, Peter said:

"I am absolutely delighted to have been selected to contest North Devon.  Starting now, I'll put every effort into convincing people that it's time to elect a Conservative MP here.  My first priority will always be to fight hard for local people, and I won't be distracted by Westminster politics.

“I have always loved North Devon, and so the opportunity to represent this community is a real privilege.

“The campaign to win this seat in 2015 starts now".

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