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'Warm homes discount’ will mean £130 off energy bills for those in need

Wednesday, November 28 2012

A stack of £1 coins

2 million low income and vulnerable households will get a £130 discount on their fuel bills this winter, new figures reveal.

Those being helped by the Warm Homes Discount include over 1 million of the UK’s poorest pensioners. This discount is on top of any money that is received in Winter Fuel Payments or Cold Weather Payments.

Commenting on Warm Home Discount, Sarah Newton MP, said:

‘For 2 million low income families, the Warm Homes Discount could be the difference between having the confidence to turn the heat on or not this winter. Conservatives in Government are delivering on our commitment to help pensioners and vulnerable people with their energy bills and the cost of living. The £130 they will get off their bills this winter will provide a welcome relief after years of rising bills under Labour.’

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