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Sayeeda Warsi represents the Conservative Party at the Republican National Convention

Wednesday, August 29 2012

Sayeeda Warsi

Party Co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi is in Tampa, Florida to represent the Conservative Party at the Republican National Convention, following her meeting with Mitt Romney in July.

The Conservative Party believes in maintaining strong ties with fellow centre-right parties around the world and the relationship with the US Republicans has always been important.

Other colleagues attending the convention include Brooks Newmark MP, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Dr Liam Fox MP, Dan Hannan MEP, Martin Callanan MEP, Sajid Javid MP, and Lord Ashcroft, as well as senior party officials.

Sayeeda said: “It’s great to be here alongside so many colleagues representing the Conservative Party at such an important event for the Republican Party. This is a great backdrop against which to promote and share centre-right ideas of change at home and abroad.”

Later this week she will be speaking at an event sponsored by the AECR on European reform.