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Government announces support for motorists

Wednesday, June 27 2012

Family in car

George Osborne has confirmed that the Government will delay the fuel duty rise scheduled for 1 August until 1 January 2013.

This follows the Government's decision to cut fuel duty last year. As a result of repeated action to support motorists, fuel duty will not have increased for two successive years.

Pump prices will be 10 pence a litre cheaper than if the Government had not abolished the pre-existing fuel duty escalator last year. The escalator has now been replaced with a Fair fuel stabiliser, which will limit any fuel duty rises when the international oil price rises above £45 a barrel.

The average family with a car will be £159 better off overall than they otherwise would have been. Hauliers will on average by £4,900 better off.

Commenting on the decision to delay the fuel duty rise, George Osborne said:

"This Government has done more to support to motorists than any other. We cut fuel duty last year, and avoided two year's worth of rises planned by the previous Government.

"This comes on top of freezing council tax and putting money back in millions of taxpayers' pockets through raising the personal allowance.

"This decision is the right action to help, families, businesses and the broader economy."



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George Osborne
This Government has done more to support to motorists than any other
George Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer