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David Cameron launches local election campaign

Monday, April 16 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron has today launched the Conservative Party's local election campaign with a speech in Derbyshire.

In his speech, the Prime Minister told supporters that Conservatives are working in the national interest. He highlighted key measures such as freezing council tax for the second year running, reforming the welfare system, and taking millions out of income tax - delivered by a government "that cares about working for the long-term good".

He said:

"Every single person you meet has a reason to vote Conservative. The worker no longer paying income tax - because we're putting up the personal allowance, soon to almost £10,000.

"The pensioner getting the biggest-ever cash rise in the state pension - that's right, an increase of £5.30 a week, that started this month. The entrepreneur boosted by cuts in corporation tax - soon to be 22 per cent, the lowest in the G7. The homeowner saving money on their mortgage - thanks to low interest rates. The 24 million households are better off - thanks to changes we've brought in.

"To all of those people we must say this: There's only one box in which to put your cross on May the 3rd, and that is for the party that cares about the strivers, the battlers, the family-raisers, the community-builders - the Conservative Party.

"And in case that pencil should hover over Labour's box, let's remind them just what a complete and utter disaster Labour were for this country.

"Theirs was an age of absurdity, when everything was turned upside down. Where some people were paid more to stay at home than to go to work. Where police spent more time filling in forms than on the beat. And where the solution to debt was, yes: debt, debt and more debt.

"So our message has got to be clear: if you look at what Labour did to our country why on Earth would you let them anywhere near your council?"

Read the full speech here, or watch it below.

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