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David Cameron economy speech

Tuesday, May 8 2012


Prime Minister David Cameron will today visit a business in Essex where he will give a speech on the economy.

In his speech David Cameron will say: "Our job is to build a recovery on real growth and investment - not debt.

"To build a balanced economy, in which all the sectors - business, retail, manufacturing - play a part.
"A diversified economy, across all sectors and regions, not one that is overly reliant on financial services and the City of London.
"Because our solution is not just about deficit reduction. It's about getting the banks lending. It's about creating the most competitive business tax regime in the developed world.
"It's about helping small businesses and freeing them from the mass of unnecessary bureaucracy that too often stifles enterprise and entrepreneurship. It's about helping people onto the housing ladder, and reforming the planning system to allow for much needed new development.
"It's about supporting business investment, whether through the Regional Growth Fund, the Growing Places Fund, the Enterprise Zones or the world's first Green Investment Bank. It's about cutting income tax for hard working, hard pressed families and taking two million low paid workers out of tax altogether.
"It's about reforming and simplifying our benefits system to ensure that work really does pay. It's about helping people back into the labour market by offering apprenticeships, work experience opportunities and wage subsidies, all part of the Work Programme and the Youth Contract.
"It's about investing in skills, driving up standards in our schools, creating academies, Free Schools and our new University Technical Colleges. It's about all these things and more.
"I know that the task of getting driving our economy forward when faced with the headwinds that are blowing in from the Eurozone is a formidable one.
"But the Government is determined to do whatever needs doing to succeed.
"We've got to sort out our debts...get real growth...and change this country so that once again it rewards people who work hard, want to get on and play by the rules.
"And that's what I am here to do."

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