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News story

Salford Conservatives name Mayoral candidate

Wednesday, March 14 2012

Karen Garrido

Karen Garrido, Opposition Leader on Salford City Council, has been named as the Conservative Party's Mayoral candidate for Salford.

Karen, who successfully led the Conservative "Yes" Campaign at the recent referendum for an elected Mayor, added: "I am delighted to be given the opportunity to end Labour's forty years rule of our City; people will now have the chance to vote for someone who will listen and take seriously their concerns.

"People must not assume it will be Labour again. In many areas where they have elected a Mayor, it has not always been from the previous ruling Party, and I believe passionately that the people of this City have had enough of Labour and now want a completely fresh start which is what I intend to offer. It will definitely not be more of the same - I will establish a totally new structure for governing our City."

Conservative Party co-Chairman, Sayeeda Warsi, said: “As a local councillor and campaigner Karen has given years of service to the people of Salford, and I know that she will continue to represent their interests if elected as Mayor.”

For more information about Karen please visit her website.

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