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News story

David Cameron addresses Scottish Conference

Friday, March 23 2012

David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has told the Scottish Conservative Conference that Scotland is better off in Britain.

Speaking in Troon, Mr Cameron described the Union as a "partnership" for liberty, security and prosperity.

In his speech the Prime Minister will say:

"This is the Union that has shone as a beacon of openness and tolerance the world over for generations, not just a place on the map but an idea and an ideal. And it's not just about our history. It's about our future.

"Together we've got global clout, a seat on the UN Security Council, the seventh-richest economy in the world, the fourth-largest defence budget in the world, and most importantly - the means to pool resources to provide a fair safety net, a free education and a free health service to everyone.

"This isn't an abusive relationship it's a partnership - for liberty, security, prosperity. The Conservative Friends of the Union - launched today - is going to say just that we walk taller, stand prouder, shout louder together.

"That's why not only can you can love Scotland and love the United Kingdom, not only can you can drape yourself in the Saltire and the Union Jack but you can be even prouder of your Scottish heritage than your British heritage - as many in Scotland are - and still believe that Scotland is better off in Britain."

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