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News story

Council tax cut helps hard-working families

Wednesday, March 21 2012

A row of terraced houses

New figures released today reveal that council tax across England has been cut in real terms this year.

Council tax doubled under Labour hitting hard-working families and squeezing household budgets. Under the Coalition Government's council tax freeze initiative bills were frozen last year and this year the change will be just 0.3 per cent - well below the rate of inflation.

This will save the average family up to £72 a year, thanks to the Government reversing the trend set by Labour.

Commentating, Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said:

"Under Labour, council tax doubled and bills would have gone through the roof further had Labour clung to power. Labour oppose the council tax freeze and would have given a green light to yet more council tax hikes.

"By contrast, this Government has frozen council tax, scrapped Labour's council tax revaluation and given residents new rights to veto excessive tax rises in the future.

"Conservative councils deliver lower council tax and are making sensible savings to do their bit to pay off Labour's budget deficit. By contrast, Ed Miliband's councils are reveling in politically-motivated and cynical cuts to frontline services, and they continue to charge more on council tax bills because they are badly run."

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