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Labour admit they now support the Government's spending plans for the police

Friday, January 27 2012


Labour's shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, has backed down and supported the Government's pay freeze for police officers which will save £350 million.

Her climb-down means Labour now back the majority of the Government's cuts to police funding - the pay freeze, a 12 per cent reduction endorsed by HMIC and reforms to police overtime.

Despite their support for the Government's spending plans, the Labour party is still hypocritically campaigning against police cuts.

Commenting on her admission, Nick Herbert, Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice, said:

"Until now Labour has campaigned against cuts to policing. Now that Labour finally supports the Government's pay freeze for police officers and staff, they are effectively backing our spending plans for the police.

"It is totally hypocritical and misleading to campaign against police cuts when they are committed to the same programme.

"With some 25,000 police officers in backroom jobs, nearly a fifth of all officers, there is plenty of scope to make savings while protecting the frontline".

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