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News story

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Anniversary

Monday, February 6 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has paid tribute to the Queen on the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne.


The Prime Minister said:

"Today is a day to pay tribute to the magnificent service of HM the Queen. With experience, dignity and quiet authority she has guided and united our nation and the Commonwealth over six varied decades.

"You sometimes hear people talk as if the Monarchy was simply a glittering ornament, a decoration on our national life. That misunderstands our constitution and it underestimates our Queen. Always dedicated, always resolute and always respected, she is a source of wisdom and continuity.

 "All my life, and for the lives of most people in this country, she has always been there for us. Today, and this year, in the 60th anniversary of her reign, we have the chance to say thank you."


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