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Labour's position on police funding in chaos

Monday, January 30 2012


Labour's position on police funding collapses into chaos as they back more than £2 billion of cuts.

In an interview the Shadow Policing Minister, David Hanson, tried to contradict his own boss Yvette Cooper.

Mr Hanson denied that Labour backed the government's pay freeze for police officers and staff even though Yvette Cooper gave it her clear support.
Despite this open disagreement, Labour have now endorsed savings of at least £2.1 billion:
* Labour back the 12 per cent savings proposed by the HMIC - £1.2 billion
* Labour back the government's pay freeze for police officers and staff - £350 million
* Labour planned additional savings from overtime and shift patterns - £410-510 million
* Labour have accepted the savings agreed by the Police Arbitration Tribunal - £150 million
These savings essentially match the government's own plans to make savings from police budgets over this parliament.
Commenting Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice, Nick Herbert, said:
"Labour aren't being straight with people about their plans to cut police budgets.

"They are campaigning against cuts while trying to hide their own plans for saving the same amount, including by freezing pay.

"It's time for Labour to come clean and be honest with police officers and the public about what they are really saying."


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