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News story

UK second in the world for green policies

Friday, December 16 2011

Wind turbines

The 2012 Climate Change Performance Index, produced by the Climate Change Action Network Europe and Germanwatch, provides strong backing to the Coalition’s claim to be the 'greenest government ever'.

The index finds:

Among 58 nations assessed, the UK is placed second only to Sweden for performance on measures to reduce climate change.
Over the last year, the UK has risen three places in the rankings.
The UK is placed first among the top 10 global emitters of CO2, ahead of Germany among others.
The report backs the ‘strong elements of environmental leadership’ shown by the UK
Greg Barker, Minister for Climate Change said: "This hard, objective analysis of the Coalition’s green policies has shown we are helping lead the world.
We are living up to our pledge to be the greenest government ever, ensuring above all that in these tough economic times, green means growth and opportunity."

The Climate Change Performance Index: Results 2012, 6 December 2011 can be read here.

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