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Labour's 'something for nothing' culture must end

Wednesday, December 7 2011

Sayeeda Warsi

Public attitudes are increasingly turning against the Labour Party's culture of irresponsibility, welfare dependency and 'something for nothing', a report released today has found.

The British Attitudes Survey concluded that:

  • There is continued concern that unemployment benefits are too high and that they discourage the unemployed from finding jobs - over half (54 per cent) agree with this sentiment, up from 35 per cent in 1983.
  • Although people see child poverty as an issue that government must tackle, 63 per cent believe that parents who "don't want to work" are a reason why some children live in poverty.
  • People are looking increasingly to themselves, not government, for solutions. A belief that government doesn't have all the answers.

Welcoming the report, Conservative Party co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi said:

'This report makes it clear that the hard working people of Britain want their government to bring an end to Labour's something for nothing culture.

'For years, David Cameron and the Conservative Party have talked about how government alone cannot solve all of our problems and how we also need to build a bigger, stronger society. This government will always be there to protect the poor and vulnerable, but will also support a country where people are more responsible.

'This report proves the public are on exactly the same page. They don't want Labour's big government, or its reliance on benefits. They, like us, believe you should get out what you put in; that if you can work, you should work and that hard work should always be rewarded.'

The British Attitudes Survey can be read here.

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