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Warsi: Delivering an outright Conservative majority

Sunday, October 2 2011

Sayeeda Warsi

Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Sayeeda Warsi has opened Conservative Party conference with a call for members to deliver an outright Conservative majority in 2015.

Speaking at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today, she said:

‘Every leaflet we deliver, every call we make, every candidate we select, every member we take, it’s all about 2015. Because if we truly want a Compassionate Conservative Britain governed by a Compassionate Conservative Party then in 2015 we must deliver an outright Conservative majority.’

The Co-Chairman will add that the Conservatives are building a secure future for generations to come:

‘Ask every parent, every mother, every father, and every family. Give them the choice: the good life now or a stable, secure future for your children. They would choose children. We would choose children. And this government is building for tomorrow as well as today.’

And she will state that the party will stamp out the ‘something for nothing’ culture created by the Labour Party:

‘I ask this: Mr. Miliband if you truly believe what you say, where on earth have you been for the last thirteen years? It’s your government that created the something for nothing culture. It’s your Party that took out more than you put in.’

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