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News story

New Community Covenant scheme for the armed forces

Wednesday, October 5 2011

Liam Fox

In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference today, Secretary of State for Defence Dr Liam Fox has paid tribute to the armed forces in Afghanistan and Libya, as well as recalling the conflict in the Falklands, saying:

"And with the focus on Afghanistan and Libya let's not forget the Falklands. Next year is the 30th anniversary of the victory for self-determination in the Falklands.

"A victory made possible by the resolve another Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. And we will continue to guarantee the security of the Falklands."

He also outlined measures that have been put in place to support the Armed Forces and announced the formation of a new Community Covenant scheme, saying:

"I said last year that I wished we could do more to improve the welfare of our Armed Forces, their families and our veterans. Since then we have created a new Tri-Service Armed Forces Covenant and for the first time put it into the law of the land. We have doubled the Council Tax rebate for those serving on Operations from 25% to 50%.  And having doubled it last year for Afghanistan we have now extended the Operational Allowance to include Libya.

"We have set up a new Community Covenant scheme where local communities are able to bid for £30m of government funding for local projects connecting people to the Armed Forces in their communities. In the first six weeks alone 31 applications have been made."

Read the full speech here.

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