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Delivering modern, compassionate Conservatism

Sunday, October 2 2011

David Cameron

The Conservative Party has today released a pamphlet, with a foreword by David Cameron, that lays out the work that the party is doing in government to deliver modern, compassionate Conservatism.

Modern - because the Conservative Party has always been focused on the future and brave enough to change and take advantage of the times.

Compassionate - because we are the Party of Wilberforce, Peel and Shaftesbury, and we believe above all in helping people who get left behind.

Conservative - because we believe that if you trust people and give them more power and responsibility over their lives, the result is a stronger society.

The pamphlet celebrates our achievements so far and explains some of the policies that come next - the development of our vision for a better, more compassionate Britain.

Writing in the pamphlet, David Cameron said:

"Six years ago, when I was elected as Conservative Party Leader, I said I wanted to give Britain a modern, compassionate Conservatism. Six years on and we can proud of what we have achieved. As a Party, we have changed the way we look, what we do, and the things we think about. We have brought a new focus to social action, development, the NHS and the environment. And at the last election, we almost trebled the number of Conservative women MPs and more than trebled the number of black and minority Conservative MPs.

"Since then, in government, we have put our modern compassionate Conservatism into practice for the good our country. We have protected people's mortgages by putting stability first and dealing with the great economic challenge of our time. We have helped the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society by lifting the lowest paid out of income tax and by increasing NHS spending. And by shifting power down at every level of our society and giving more power to families, businesses and local communities, we are ripping up the old rules that punished responsibility and are rewarding people for doing the right thing."

Download the pamphlet here.

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