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News story

Free English Language training for Jobseekers

Thursday, September 15 2011

David Cameron (Photo credit: Andrew Parsons)

New welfare reform plans announced by the Government on Tuesday include the proposal that free English language training would be required for jobseekers whose poor English is stopping them getting a job.

People who are prevented from getting into employment due to poor English skills will be referred onto specialist free English language training courses.

If claimants refuse to attend any of the classes recommended to them, they could have their benefits stopped.

Under new rules coming into force, Jobcentre Plus advisers can mandate people onto training courses if they believe they lack the correct skills to get the jobs on offer in the labour market.

Speaking during a visit to a work and welfare support centre, the Prime Minister David Cameron said:

"We are getting rid of the old idea that you can get your welfare without conditions being put on that.

"We're saying that if there's something you need to help you get a job, for instance being able to speak English and learn English properly, it should be a requirement that you take that course, do that study in order for you to receive your benefits.

"That's good for you because it's going to help you get a job, it's good for the taxpayer because we won't be wasting money on welfare that's unnecessary, and it's good for the economy because we want more people in work creating a bigger, more productive economy."

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