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News story

Harman fails to name a single cut

Monday, March 28 2011

Sayeeda Warsi

Harriet Harman has exposed Labour’s hypocrisy over attending the TUC organised March for the Alternative.

Asked seven times where Labour would cut she struggled to answer the question and eventually said that Labour would “consolidate back room functions and hold back on capital investment”. She failed to name a single cut that Labour would have made in just one week’s time.

While she appeared to admit that there would have been job losses under Labour, she later backtracked to simply suggest there would not have been an increase in public sector employment.

Official figures show that Labour would have cut £14 billion this coming year, just £2 billion less than the Coalition. Labour need to admit where their cuts would fall.

Conservative Party Chairman Sayeeda Warsi said: ‘You can’t March for an Alternative when you don’t have an alternative.’

And she added, ‘Harriet Harman’s comments show once again Labour’s breathtaking hypocrisy on cuts. On Saturday she joined Ed Miliband and Ed Balls on a protest calling for no cuts. But today she refused to admit that they would be cutting themselves in just one week’s time, and could not name a single cut Labour would make.’

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