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RSS feeds and news syndication

You can read the latest news from the Conservative Party using your news reader or display them on your own website using RSS (Rich Site Summary) XML documents wherever you see this symbol
RSS feed icon RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is a defacto XML standard invented by Netscape for news distribution, now adopted by thousands of sites. RSS is an open format that uses a simple set of XML tags to define a news "channel" that allows any site to provide basic meta-information about your new content (headline, link, description).

To learn more about RSS then please visit contains some CGI scripts to help you intergrate our news into your site or news feeds.

For example, the PullRSS script allows you to display any RSS feed on your site using Perl.

To download a news reader for your computer, take a look at this selection of applications

How to subscribe to our RSS feeds?

With both the Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox web browsers you can subscribe to RSS news feeds without the need for any other software.

Internet Explorer 7

In Internet Explorer 7 you can subscribe in one of two ways. The first is when you visit any page on our site the orange feed icon will illuminate on the toolbar and you can click on our news feed to view it. The second way is to click on the RSS feed url to view it directly RSS Feed icon in IE7 You will then be able to view the feed directly. In the yellow box at the top you can then click on the 'Subscribe to this Feed' link RSS feed in IE7 To view the feed you can go to the 'Favorites Center' by clicking on the star at the top left navigation bar IE7 Favorites Center

Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox you can subscribe by clicking on the feed icon at the top right of the address bar RSS feed icon in Firefox The feed will then be displayed. If you want to subscribe using Firefox's 'live bookmarks' select 'live booksmarks' and press 'Subscribe Now' Live Bookmarks A box will appear asking you where to save your 'live bookmark'. If you save this to your 'Bookmarks Toolbar Folder' it will appear on your toolbar and you can simply click on the new icon to read the news feed Firefox Live Bookmark

Usage Requirements

The RSS news feed can be used by anyone in accordance with the terms of use.

We cannot provide advice or technical support in the coding and integration of our news feed into your site or software.

We require that all links to articles in which you use our RSS feed you include the link back to the article on

Additionally we ask, that you cache the RSS feed and do not query more than once in any hour.

We request that you do not post the full text stories unless otherwise allowed by our terms of use. Whenever you use our RSS feeds, publicly (where anyone but yourself would be reading them) you should provide proper attribution to the Conservative Party. We provide a small graphic for linking back to our site in each feed for this purpose. reserves the right to require you to cease distributing news content at any time for any reason. Podcasts

We also offer some Podcasts, to add the podcast to your iTunes either simply click on the Podcast icon to be taken straight to iTunes or copy the (advanced) link location to your clickboard. In your iTunes application select the ADVANCED menu, Subscribe to Podcast, and type the address in here and press OK

Additional Syndication Information

If you wish to syndicate our content in a way either not contained within our RSS feed above or outside the scope of our terms of use, please request permission by emailing

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