Campaign Manager Academy

The Conservative Party is launching a new recruitment programme for Campaign Managers to work across the UK. Successful applicants will work in key parliamentary seats to manage our campaign up until the next General Election in 2015.

Job description

The Campaign Manager training begins with a week-long, formal training seminar. Upon completion of the seminar, each delegate is assigned a specific area to co-ordinate as a Campaign Manager for a major Conservative Party campaign. Participants work closely with trained Conservative Party professionals and senior volunteers to develop their skills as political Campaign Managers.

Position summary
  • Campaign Managers will be responsible for implementing the national Conservative Party Campaign Strategy in their areas
  • Campaign Managers will be in charge of formulating a winning campaign plan for their candidate that connects them with local voters, and promotes the key messages of the Conservative Party
  • Campaign Managers will need to manage a campaign budget
  • Campaign Managers will have to determine where to target limited resources
  • Campaign Managers must be able to work as part of a team
  • Campaign Managers will manage all aspects of the campaign - finance, local press, field, research, new media, and legal/compliance
  • Planning a comprehensive programme of fundraising events
  • Voter contact operations
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Managing volunteer phonebanks and door-to-door canvassing
  • Meetings with community groups to build bridges through Social Action and the Big Society
  • Ensuring that the candidate/MP maintains a high profile
  • Generating candidate-scheduling opportunities
  • Managing postal vote recruitment and Get Out The Vote campaigns
  • Motivating people to vote and volunteer
  • Organising political meetings and events
  • Executing Election Day operations
  • All this work is focused on building a well-organized and efficient grassroots operation for Election Day
How to apply

Please note that we are not accepting any more applications to join the Campaign Manager Academy at the moment. Any further vacancies will be advertised here.

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Campaign Manager diary
Required skills
The Campaign Manager must:
  • Be well organised, professional and punctual
  • Have strong written and communication skills
  • Be able to work as part of a team
  • Be able to lead and motivate colleagues and activists
Equal Opportunity Policy
The Conservative Party is an equal opportunities employer and is opposed to any form of less favourable treatment or financial reward through direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation of members of staff or job applicants on the grounds of age, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
The Party will take all reasonable measures to ensure that applications are attracted from both sexes and all races and from people with disabilities, and regardless of sexual orientation and will ensure that applicants are not disadvantaged because of disability.