We’re interested in your view about the fairness of our benefit reforms

Conservatives in Government have made a decision that we will support people who work hard and that work will be rewarded.

Labour say that benefits should go up by more than average wages – even though it will be the taxes of people in work that pays for this increase. We don’t think this is fair for the following reasons...

1. A real terms increase would have meant that benefits increased more than the average salary.  Since 2007, benefits have increased by 20% whilst salaries have only increased by 10%. If the Government continued to increase benefits at a higher rate than salaries, this would not be fair on working people. The same working people who pay the taxes which fund the benefits to begin with.

2. Working people are having their taxes cut. Changes to the personal allowance mean that working people will pay less tax and will keep more of their earnings. Anyone in work and receiving benefits will gain more from paying less tax, than what they lose from benefits not increasing in real terms.

3. To increase benefits in real terms would have meant borrowing more money. This Government is reducing borrowing and cutting the deficit. Labour would borrow more and add more debt to fund unlimited benefit rises. The Conservatives don’t believe that we should burden future generations with our debts in order to live beyond our means today.

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Have Your Say on Benefits

We're interested in what you think about benefits. That's why we're asking you whether or not you support two fundamental principles upon which our welfare policies are founded – many will say they don't but many will also be in favour. Your responses will tell us what the majority think.

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Should benefits increase more than wages?
Should benefits increase more than wages?
Do you think it’s fair that people can claim more in benefits than the average<br /> family earns through going to work?
Do you think it’s fair that people can claim more in benefits than the average family earns through going to work
How do you think we could make the benefits system fairer? Responses are<br /> limited to 300 characters to ensure we can read the high volume of responses.
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