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We're at an exciting stage in preparation for this year's Project Umubano, the Conservative Party's social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. I'd like to take the opportunity to explain a bit more about the Project.

For the last four years, a large number of Conservative volunteers have travelled out to Rwanda and Sierra Leone each July to join Project Umubano. MPs, Ministers, lawyers, nurses, business people, teachers and students have funded their own visit to help build a lasting legacy in Africa. Since 2007 more than 230 volunteers have participated in Project Umubano and many choose to return each year to continue the work they have been doing.



Our volunteers work in areas best suited to their skills: Education, Business, Community Development, Health and Justice. Success in these sectors is vital if a developing country is to make substantial progress in lifting people out of poverty.

In Rwanda we also have a successful football coaching programme and hope this summer to launch a new cricket coaching programme. In Sierra Leone, this year will see the start of an exciting new partnership between Project Umubano and the charity Street Child of Sierra Leone which will see our volunteers working on education and entrepreneurship initiatives.

We've got a record number of volunteers ready to lend their skills this year; to date over 100 volunteers have confirmed that they will be taking part in Project Umubano 2011, including 24 volunteers who will be travelling to Sierra Leone.

But we're still looking for more people to join us. Every skill is valuable, and there is such a rewarding experience awaiting those who join us. Have a look around this site for more information on what we do and the volunteers that come with us.

Anybody who is interested in joining this year's project can contact Abigail Green (abi.projectumubano@live.co.uk) who is helping to co-ordinate the Project this year. There is particularly a pressing need for business people and doctors who would be interested in joining the Project in Sierra Leone. In Rwanda, we would also like to recruit medics specialising in gynaecology, as our main focus for the health section of the programme continues to be on family planning and maternal health.

We'll be keeping this site updated in the run up to our trip and while we are there. Keep checking back for more updates.

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Project Umubano

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An overview of Project Umubano from Stephen Crabb MP.