MyConservatives helps to bring people together, providing effective support to set up campaigns that can make a real difference to the lives of those in the local area and across the nation.

The original version of the site, launched in the build-up to the General Election, saw over 10,000 people working together for change in 390 different campaigns across the country. It helped to support a number of candidates into seats by raising their profiles and communicating the key areas that they stood for. It also gave electors a new way to directly access their representatives and other members of the community with similar outlooks and aspirations - both of these areas generated significant amounts of funding that would not have been achievable via more traditional fundraising activities.

We learned a lot about how to campaign online as a result and we have used that knowledge to redevelop the website. We'll be showcasing the new site at Conference and shortly after it will become one of the key permanent features in our online campaigning toolkit.

If you would like to be notified when MyConservatives is being relaunched, please leave your details below.

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