Lewisham Mayoral Campaign




The campaign requires interns to work on the Nundy4Mayor Campaign.


Simon Nundy is the Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor of Lewisham. The election in May 2014 takes place in the London Borough of Lewisham and involves an electorate of 180,000 people. The Mayor is directly elected along with 54 councillors in 18 wards.

The campaign requires interns to assist in a number of areas including:

  • research
  • press and PR
  • copywriting
  • technical support
  • campaign events
  • liaison with candidates and ward organisations¬†
  • general campaign support.

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter to by Monday 5th of August.

Closing date:

5 August 2013

Equal Opportunity Policy

The Conservative Party is an equal opportunities employer and is opposed to any form of less favourable treatment or financial reward through direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation of members of staff or job applicants on the grounds of age, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

The Party will take all reasonable measures to ensure that applications are attracted from both sexes and all races and from people with disabilities, and regardless of sexual orientation and will ensure that applicants are not disadvantaged because of disability.